Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Vault of Jackson Hole located?
-> We are located at 615 West Elk Avenue Unit 1-3, Jackson, WY 83001 – right off Highway 191.

What are your office hours?
-> You can visit us at the office between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm daily. Saturday and Sundays are by appoitment only. We are always just a phone call away.

What are your access hours?
-> A customer representative needs to be present for all-access

Can I have freight shipments unloaded and stored?
-> We offer this service as a fee or as part of your rent. Ask a customer service representative about what option would best for you.

Will my items be damaged if they get too cold?
-> If you rent a climate-controlled space, there is no need to worry. Since these units keep the right conditions throughout the year – even when the temperature fluctuates greatly outside – your items won’t experience any bad impact from the weather.

Do I really need a climate-controlled unit?
-> Climate control is great for long-term storage (anything over 6 months) or when you are storing highly valuable items (sentimentally or monetarily). Depending on a variety of factors, you may not need such a secure solution, so don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.
What other options do I have?
-> For a product that does not need to be climate controlled, we offer pallet storage. For bulk storage or any other belongings that can safely be placed on a 40x48" pallet, we can wrap that pallet and store it in our facility.

Do you have space for my pallets?
-> Yes, we do. With a variety of unit sizes, our pallet storage system allows you to maximize square footage. For the cherry on top, you can even use the wooden pallets inside your self-storage unit to keep items off the concrete!

How does the concierge service work?
-> Great question! Once you send us a package, you can either ask to keep it in our delivery area you can retrieve it later or have your supplies sent to your unit – it’s your choice. Either way, you will never have to miss an important delivery.

How do I get started?
-> We have everything you need to complete your next storage experience comfortably, including online payments and video surveillance. When you are ready to start, you can either rent a storage unit online or get in touch with our professional team.